Mama may think..

I want to suckle from her breast. But like, no! Those days are gone. But I would like to go have coffee with Mama and maybe cook some soup and take it to some homeless people and show Mama what I do for God? Yeah. Show her who I have been ministering too and let them tell her about me. Yeah. That would be so nice.

I want to preach a gospel that I live each day. As I blog and create the world I wish to see by sowing seeds into my brothers and trimming the weeds others have told them in ignorance. I work to show each person they value by going into the nIghtmares in their heads and leading them out into the light of day. It’s a gift. From following God out of mine and Mamas.

Mama loves to help. She loves God. But she has never seen the likes of her baby girl the field hand for God in action. As I clip the dead off and tend the wounds within and nourish folks back to God within them. And fighting the demons that lie in her head and tell her different is part of my work. Cuz I can’t leave my own Mama like that. Nope. Total restoration come with the price of someone laying their life down to help do the work to dig that jewel out of her. Cleaning it off. So it sparkles like the diamond on her hand does.

Mamas need love. And truth so they can be free from who they thought they were and what they thought would always be. And love is tough. It’s does what love requires. Love shows up. And keeps going until the job is done. That is my creed. I may back off? But I get back up and try again. And know. I will not fail unless I stop.

Mama may think what she wants. But I don’t have to agree. And love would dictate that I tell the truth so Mama can reconsider what she is thinking goes on with us. Yep. With New information come New out looks. And then change. As we change our minds. Xo

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