Mama. It’s ok to cry. You won’t die from crying.

Tears are God’s healing. I feel they are proof of the holy spirits power to clean us from Our eyes. So we can see better. Let them fall. You will feel better if you just let it rain and wash it all away. You can do this. I believe in you

Below is spot on. My Mama. Ambivalent about it. And I am the therapist. Ok? Yeah. Trained by God. Cuz I have not read this book all the way? Ok? And look. Do I see? Oh yeah. I see. Thank you Lord for helping me with Mama. You are the great counselor. Read below. Learn about this wound Mama. And heal. It’s time. I love you so much. You can’t scare me off. I know what inside. Remember I rented some space I. There? Xo

My daughter are trained too. And my son. To heal. We are healers. Sent by God back to your arms. Reach. Grab us. We are all here for you and because of you. Look to the hills from whence cometh you help!! It’s the Lord. Full of glory and grace. For you. Take it. Take it.

Grieve this loss. And be redeemed for our new day!! God does cloak himself as a devil to get that devil to show himself in the lies we swallowed long ago. But god rules all here. God is all. And we learn. Take my hand. Let me show you the wonders god has taught me while you were gone Mama. Let me share. Let’s us heal. Xo

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