Gorgeous, my Dad was sooooo.. Good looking. Look what my parents made!

It does take a village to raise a child. Two made me, with God’s help, and many help raise me from then on. This is what I learned. Mama’s always matter, and Daddy’s too. And I am the product of the times I came from. And Mama made a beautiful baby girl. End of discussion. If I approve? Well, so should you. Aren’t you amazing? Well, then so am I!

Chelsie fell for a bartender, good looking one…. And I will not call that bad. She did what Grama did. And God has a reason for everything.. Angela just saw him last night. And, well, we all step this way and that trying to find our way. Chelsie found her way… And I will not judge that, ever. I may not understand. But I trust that she’s got Gods plan inside her leading, and God will bring us all back around. She’s amazing.

This song reminds me of my Mama and Daddy. And how two people came together, in a passionate flash and made me. And how my Daddy, was just like who Taylor sings about, and how Mama was so taken. And that is not a bad thing. Woman look for a man who’s got the time and maybe spends it on her. Even if for a little while, before the haters come and ruin it all.

I am the proof and the pudding of what Mama made. And that is was good. And if anyone says different? Well, don’t let me hear it, cuz I will set ya straight. No one puts my parents down and what they made. OK? Nor my kids, and family. I may fight with them here? But I will fight for them with you if you want to try to take them on. My sister may be jealous, but that is only because she worries about her place. And that is silly, she always has her place. She my big sister and is so confused, cuz baby girls a mental, spiritual machine. I am chopping off the old limbs of our family tree that are poisoning us all, so new ones can grow in this garden.

I love my family enough to stop them and tell them my truth, so we all can learn. So maybe they will give themselves the permission to do the same. We must build on the rock of truth, so when the storms come, and they do, we can stand on truth. And that is hard when the old truth is just out of date. Mama’s been holding on to her truth for dear life and the boat just came and she needs to trust that boat, and that Gods sending the boat for her, and jump, into this boat. Mama, jump. I and Jesus will catch you. You are safe with me, you always have been.

Daddy didn’t really know how hot he was. Like most men. But the high school senior class knew. Its in the year book. Best looking. So, don’t feel bad anymore about it. I have your back. Anyone says boo about it, and Ill take care of them for you. See? Just because I went into your own nightmare, doesn’t mean I believe it to be ultimate truth? I came to lead you out of that truth into the full truth. Me. Your gift, your blessing. And God marked it. With me. Stamp of approval. If you can love and see good in Chelsie, then good is in me. It is just a reframing of what you thought, looking at it from a different view and through the eyes of the child made from it. OK?

Love you.. More to come, until you do. xo

Thanks for diving deep with me as I pull the  pearls up from the depth of this loving child’s deep.

God bless you

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