Mama. I love you

I came to see you. No matter how you look, or how my sisters acts, I love you true. And it was so good to see you in your natural state. No make up, house lives in, and hot coffee made by your hand. It’s all good, to me. You are my super star. No matter what w have to go through to see what w always have had. No matter what story is over it all, underneath is a girl who loves her Mama.

And I want you to know this. You are welcomed at my home. Anytime. No matter what you look like or how you act. You are safe to come and visit. Please don’t drive by me again. My light is always on for you. No one could ever take a love like I have from me for you. No matter how people say we should be. We are family. I know it sounds crazy. But it’s true. I may not like How we act, but I enjoying seeing you and touching you and hugging you. And I will always be available to you and for you.

I just wanted to see you. And make sure you were ok. And I will be here until you can come to see me too. I may remember. But I have forgiven you for what you did not know. Forgive yourself and find the restoration you need. In me. The child you gave away and gave up on, never gave up on you. Xo

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