You can’t take shit to heaven. So dump it now.

We all know when the body expires, we eliminate waste. And that’s why people go crazy at the end that don’t dump as they go. My Mamas got waste that’s killing us all and it needs to be dumped. And yet my sisters have gotten so used to Mamas shit about me, the kind of like it. Having a messed up Mama in the sense of acceptance and liberation. My family is so bound by an Old idea that way Old and stinky. They think it’s me. But in truth it’s them connected to me. I am getting clean. I am airing out the old. I am giving flight to the old stinky thinking by speaking it.

But if the body eliminates. I feel so can the mind and spirit. But education must happen first to complete such a phase of life to be ready for heaven beyond. We are in hell right now and my sisters think it’s heaven. Mama too. She like her shit pile. And she fed it to the girl. But Mama can’t go to heaven just yet, nor in the future if she not clean. Mind body spirit clean.

And dumping Old mindsets is not easy. Nope. It takes grit and knowledge of oneself to face such a storm of blamers for way back. Hippocrates from Gridley. Seriously. Dump that that you think I am so I may be seen for who I truly am. You think and that the problem. We must do something or it stays the same. Mama needs us to do this for her. She needs our love and support to face things she has only denied and stuffed so we can be blessed because she succeeded to do so. Purging is all from a pattern that keeps going on and on. We must do something different. My different is to tell my side. Your different? Well. Your just fighting as usual. Seriously girls. Let’s focus on Mama like she did on all of us. Including me. Like seriously. You believe her when she say she only thought about me every now and then? Lol. Gullible. Blind and ignorant.

And that needs to change. Our Mama will go to the pearly gates with all her jewels I tacked. Mine included that I saved for her. Mama Jean and I made her own. She’s cool like that. So no worries. Everyone’s winning in my new game. Everyone wins. Win win. You get a bad ass sister. Mama gets a badass daughter. The kids and so on. It’s a win. Why in the hell do you keep seeing a loss? Fucking change that channel. Tune into me. I can see, taste and feel our new life. Some with me. Don’t be like Moses who didn’t get to go into the promised land. Come. Trust. What do we have to loose? A lot of shit from what I can see.

Thanks for diving deep with me as I talk straight to my family.

God bless.

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