When will my family sign off on a relationship she kept secret?

I just wonder. How my sisters can be so blind? And then I realize. Mama didn’t see this coming. Because she signed off on me. She did not see that the girl she gave away would come back to her. And that she would be different, changed, and yet still, her girl. Does any Mom know what is within the children? Well, if she never forgets every part of herself. Mamas have to love all of themselves. Even, their children. Especially their children.

I feel children are expressions of those they come from. And like Oprah says, “ we work for our highest expression, said with my paraphrase” and I am an expression of my Mama that was raised by another. So I am different, unique. And I have lived the life my Mama quashed for me. So, I work to find the gold amongst this supposed dung to add it to the garden for which I sow the seeds and pull the weed. And this garden is the garden of MY DREAM. And I beckon my family to help me. I, like a spider cast my web to catch each lie that would defy or deny the dream that must be. As sure as live and breath. May I bridge this supposed gap, as we learn of the other and accept what is.

Children never forget their Parents. On either side. And get pulled in all directions. Why must this be for me? I wish to draw us together and yet? What keeps us apart? One person pointing out the block? Or those that block? Seems the later. We chose. Each to stay this way and yet are connected. I call ya higher than this. You must answer and believe the God you serve? Is your god mammon or Jehovah?

What is our highest good for this family unit? Comfort? Or unity?

Thanks for diving deep. With me.

Pearl are usually deep.

God bless.

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