All relationships have two sides…

But for some, like me, there are many sides to this relationship with all that connect to me through Adoption. Singularly in My personally life there are in fact many who are connected to me through the experience called adoption. Not only just my birth family of origin (like we must say now) and also as a bridge connecting them with my adopted family. It’s a strain at times, as each side pull this way and that. It is quite fascinating, emotional, and endearing.

My family has not seen my side. They only have seen what they think my side it. They look through glasses tinted by the past that separates us. And my sister need to see the side of their Mama that needs salvation and win. We are winners. For a woman stepped up for our Mama. Yes she did. And she held on for life. Mine. You may feel Entitled by your birth right to tell me I am an unwelcome guest in our Mamas home and yet you don’t or didn’t not even see. She invited me in. And made me

Coffee while You who say you know her best, stabbed at her secret. Her child made in a wild place my Mama laid with a man I call father. She created me in that dark place and I come back to visit her and love her with the love my Daddy blessed that was created from that dark place for both of them. I show the light, flower that grew from that despite it all.

Oh dare you!! Treat me. Your sister. Your flesh. And my Mama like that!! You protect your dream of that woman!! She is sooooo much more!! And I can see that!! I love her. Crazy, twisted, and counseled by fools that can’t even see what they do. Yeah. I said Goodbye. Yep. And I showed you all my standard. If you want me? That how high you must travel because Mama Jean is worth it. She worth your attention. She’s family if she is mine. I Amy have said and done things I did not understand why? But now I know why by looking at how you all treated what our Mama gave to a woman she never met. She has tended what our Mama could not. You do have some gall problem dear sister to treat Mama Jeans daughter so.

Mama Jean has loved me in a way you could only benefit from. Just because I have had to unravel what was to see what showed up for our Mama to see what a blessing she is to us all. She changed it all the day she took me without even seeing our Mama to know what lie within me. She loved me like not even our Mama can. That’s what you need to see. That why I kept showing up. Cuz Mama Jean kept showing up. Again and again. Loving Linda in me. That’s love of the highest form and needs respect.

The woman who visited you was Mama Jeans daughter too. That’s woman’s my champion. She’s the wind beneath my wings. How dare you disrespect what she made out of what you threw away. She is why and how I could sit and listen and watch how you treat her each time I come to call. And no. I will not back down. My heart beats because of her care and love. She’s spent her precious time on me. And I take that seriously. It is precious. And she gave it to me. A child from Linda Marie. She made me hers. Something you can’t even do for each other. She allowed me to be free. So I could teach you.

That’s a woman of God. A wild woman sent by God to raise her child from another. She has raised me to share. So. I did. You call it Crazy and tell on yourselves to stay blind to the greatest gift a person can give is to lay their life down for another. She lives her truth and doesn’t read a word. She has truth in her pudding as she shares it with me. That’s a true friend and worth more than I can calculate and don’t even wish too. Proverbs 31 gives a small example and yet not completely.

That Chelsie cares for you is because of Mama Jeans love and respect for us all. She did not demand change. She was the change. Each action lovely sown into our flesh in deeds from her heart she heals us all if we can see? A barren woman teaches us all the value of family and deserves a special seat at every event!! Cuz it’s high time! She get hers. And Mamas at the top of the list. So put your money or scriptures where your actions are and get to practicing that word you live by!

A woman stepped up and took what God made from you and made her better. And made us all better and we need to show that. Not Crazy? Cuz Crazy just means we don’t understand. And we are all in this triad together. Even Mama Jean. She has to watch me try to help my family see the beauty in her and they only see their own shit. That’s why I blog. To help you see that. And all you all are looking at is your own negative ideas of who I am. I’ve told mine and you hold onto it. We all must let go. Not just me. Like some

Nasty thing on the road of our journey. Let that shit go. All of us. Not just me. We all must learn and let go. All. Even strangers.

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