I spoke with my kid about what happened this weekend.

And she feels I am in an abusive relationship with my Mama. And she was right. I was addicted to an abusive way of being and seeing myself. Fragments of days gone by that grew within my belief system that needed to be plucked out of me with the cold hard truth shown to me by my Mama. Cold. Hard. Calcified truth of her testament that matches the vibration I feel and felt.

And it was difficult for me to isolate the cause for my affect by just skipping off with my New blue cloak of a loving family and Mama who loves me without conditions, contracts, or coercion. That woman that I can not get credit for coming from except that her spirit is mine and we are kindred spirits. Alike in energy and intent. Showing up with our lousy, loving, fabulously different selves and do the work before us, On ourselves as connected beings, bonded as family. We bridge the gap.

And that changes you. You realize you really have something if the spirit bond exceeds the natural bond. And that’s what I’ve tested here to see how strong an intentional bond of to different and yet connected gene pools really is. And it’s strong. Like an oak tree, strong. It weathers any storm. And kept holding on to the ground. The roots have grown so deep into the soil it was planted into. Not even the past truth and secrets and words can stop it from over tAking the garden of those who dared to love despite our dna. Like ivy that keeps the side of the house cool. And weeds that grow next to delicate flowers to nourish their roots. We worked together and became better than we were because we did not give up and kept showing up. Working. Loving. Hating. Sharing what we could and learning about each other.

Because it was New for us both. And it was just as hard on her as me. To have to watch me struggle to figure it out. To light my path with love and truth to guide me on my way. To teach me the higher laws and how they work so I could have the best I could believe for.

So good by Old dream. Goodbye old way. This is the last of my attention towards anyone that treats me like an unwelcome guest. So long. Good bye. Sweet dreams. God bless the mess. Totaloo. Tata, Bye.

Now I am gonna go to bed and let my

Body defragment my brain and dump what’s no longer needed. And wake up New.

Thanks for diving deep with me today.

God bless. Again.

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