My sister accused me of deleting post on here!!

More like, that’s how she does it! This is full disclosure here. Cold hard truth from years of holding onto what Mama did to us. And how it felt growing up with my big secret and living so I can tell on her one day to the world.

This is a truth forum. Mine and yours. This place is where we all can get to the bottom of our pain body buckets and clean the shut

Out of us. And it tAken me years to study to show myself approved. A workman who need not be shamed. I was a ashamed of being adopted. Because of what I knew and what I had to hear from people and what they really think about my Mama.

And I fought for her even though I knew the truth. Because of Mama Jean. She talks sense. To the little rat as she says I looked like, that she grabbed and ran with to make me her own and heal me. It’s not easy growing up with a Mama that could do what she did to me and my brother, John. And that’s a hard truth to have to move on from. For me at least.

Sister! Vicki Brumley!! I’m not ever gonna come back to see your sorry ass again! Got it. Three times I came and three times you where rude, unfeeling, full of gall and yourself and Mama. You all. I didn’t come to really hear another thing. I went up to give my precious baby you all have your Hooks in. Or so you think. You underestimate my child if you think she can’t see you alls shit show! You all really floor me and prove that you all are in fact cra cra. K? Mamas the ring leader and your her loyal subjects. Subject to abuse, silence, manipulation and lies, or else.

Or else what Mama? What? What are you gonna do now? Nothing. That’s what. Your gonna keep serving your self sentence and doing for God’s people. Yeah. You who God a lot. Yes you do. You thought God didn’t see? And that God would leave me numb for life? Oh my. What bible do you read? Oh. The Linda James version? Oh. Yeah. Sounds like some Jim Jones shit if you ask me.

Yeah. You got the new table Cloth on the table right? And those Fancy place mats and rings. So beautiful indeed. You do have great taste. That’s true. Are your utensils set? Do you have a drink? Maybe gin? And seltzer water? So you don’t cramp up when you eat your humble pie? Yeah. God’s serving it up. Just for you. Right here. Through me. Cuz I love God more than you! Yeah I listen. Yes I do. And wait. For God to show me when to tell the truth I carried for so long.

And you didn’t even care about me. I was dead? How did that work out for ya Mama? Hmmm? Well. I am Mama Jeans daughter and her friend. Ok? Yeah. And she taught me better. Way better. And how to spot a lie coming a mile away. The smell and the taste and how the body feels when it hits. Your loaded with lies you pass off as truth by twisting words to hide yourself as the perpetrator to your family and Ive made you nervous for years. Cuz I lived!!

Well. Let the good times roll Mama. Have fun with this one. Oh. And let me tell you something. I am not sorry. There is nothing sorry about me. I am blessed and loved by a woman so much better than you could even dream. Thanks for giving me to her. That was your one success. To know your not worthy to raise me. You blew that when you killed my brother. I agree. Your an egg donor. And you tried to kill me and did my brother. Whom I look like now. Yeah. To see the look on your face when I came up? My hair short and looking like a boy? Yeah. Priceless. Simply priceless to see your blood run cold.

Scared was an understatement. And it was on you. Not me. You know exactly what you did and thought I had come to repay you? No. Just needed a few more Close looks and some more of watching how you do it to tell on you. Three last chances. Times up. The news it out now. Good luck.

Now Chelsie Lynn. It’s time to come home. And stay away from this witches and wizards of darkness and evil like DAVID said himself. Your brother? Yeah. He looked at it too.

You all better not touch a hair on that precious babies head. And I expect her car to be fixed. So she can come home. And money for a new place and good and maybe just an Acct? Yeah. Maybe accts for all the kids. Yeah. Invest in these pour Kids who came from such a mess of a Mama.

Chelsie. Mama loves you. See. Telling the truth is really hard. And it was time. You leaving helped me brave up. Man up. And tell on my Mama. Thank you sweetheart for all you have been doing. It should all be falling together by now. Why I was acting like I was for your whole life. That’s a terrible truth to have to hold in until you could muster up the strength to speak it.

Can’t wait to see you. 💋💋💋

Thanks for diving deep with me today

God bless us all as we wake up and change it.

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