I am not sure why people come read.

But if validations what you seek. May I validate you. If being adopted made you feel unseen. May I tell you, I see you. If adoption made you feel unworthy, may I tell you that’s a lie. Your Mama was mistaken to think God makes mistakes when God sent you to her. But she failed her test. That’s no fun for us, but, many times it’s better than staying with a woman like that. For me at least.

If my painful words hit the nail on your head. I hope it pops that pimple that keeps you thinking it was your fault. No. It wasn’t. It’s really just the way it was. And it was her choice to not have faith. It was her choice. Not every Mama. No. Some are forced to relinquish at an age when their power of choice is still forming. And so it on those who advices her. I pray for those who’s Mama went through that, and that you find each other and heal. Your healing matters to me, as I work to heal myself.

I don’t know why folks come by, but pray that maybe the manure of my life can nourish them, so they can grow past the past and thrive as unique beings, filled with the knowing that they are indeed worthy to be here. And that their torn up lives matter. And that their struggle is not in vein. Mine was not. And I’m just like you. I put my pants on the same each day. So hang in there. It does feel worse before it feels better. All surgeries do.

I don’t know if you get help here, but I do want each of my Adoptees family to know, I believe we all matter. No matter if your a foster child, or a child who experienced a loving home. Having you Mama leave is hard to experienced at any age. I am praying for you.

I don’t know where your at. But I can probably feel where you are. And in that many times dark and ignorant place, we need someone to turn on the light to see, the monsters gone and is only a ghost of a woman and her painful words and deeds of rejecting her gift.

You are a gift. With unique gifts that only you can give to the world. Rejection be damned to hell. We are all amazing. I don’t care what your weakness is. Together we can be strong if we connect and unite.

God bless. Xo

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