I guess Mama didn’t know

How much of her shit I dealt with, even though she was gone. I guess she did not realize that I fought for her, and stood up for her to people who put her down to me. I guess she thought I would tell her, so she could prove them all wrong.

And I imagine she thinks I am just trying to hurt her? But I know, she is already hurt. I am just pointing to the hurt she has denied. That’s love folks. It’s is love to dress your Mamas wounds. It’s love to turn her around. And it love, that wins in the end. When Mama finally sees what I am doing for us all.

The truth can set us free, if we use it. Mamas got many things to say, and yet can’t find her tongue. It’s all tied up with lies, lies I expose so she may be free. Free to be who she’s always been. Free to start again before it’s over and life is ended. She has the power to bring the change. And I am willing to go there with her and do that.

All Mamas matter. I use my Mama as the illustration for why I speak. I use the lies I have seen that live in her to point out, so we all can learn. Adoption is a road away for God’s blessing. For in the end we all must account for our actions. I have accounted for mine here. The buck stops with me. I will stand up here for Mama and war for her freedom. Freedom she gave away to another. I say so. I have the right, now that I am grown and can speak what I wish to be.

And forgiveness has nothing to do with it except for Mama. She’s got to forgive herself. But we will never forget, But we will learn better. There is no shame if we learn better.

Repentance is to turn around. It’s time to turn around and learn.

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