Yes. I worry about my Mamas.

As an adoptee, meaning, as a person who’s been raised by someone other than the Mama I came from, I worry about my Mamas. And that, they will never meet. That our triad will never make it to a full circle.

But I am tired of worrying. It’s the time for action. And for my Mamas to see what they both Made. In me. And that they are forever connected now, through me and my children. And that it time to step it up. It time to come to attention. And it time to fall in. Because I have given the order now. I have spoken my will.

Free choice isn’t free. I paid the cost for their choice and now I am calling the debt to be paid back. What debt? The debt I paid so they could both have what they want. It time I get what I want. And from what I have been though? What I ask is way cheaper than what I paid. Way cheaper and within each of their powers to do for me, the child.

Adoptions been put on notice. And I am calling the next shot. And I am processing MY RIGHT. AS THE CHILD WHOS RIGHTS WERE TAKEN FROM ME WHEN I WAS TO YOUNG TO BE ALLOWED TO SAY. i am the child of these two woman, Jean B. Fowler, and Linda Marie Brown. And I am making a legal request that is backed by a child’s birth right. I do this for Stephanie Anne Brumley, my names sake on paper before adoption and for Belinda Jean Arnold, my names sake now. Her needs matter to me. And they matter to God. No matter how I act. Because God’s grace is over it all.

  • Closure, Mama, means to close a gap. And now is the time for that gap to be closed. We do live on a ball that’s shaped like a circle? And my Days gave you a pin that was a circle? And I am part of your circle? So, why is it that you like me invisibly and not visibly? And what are you scared of? I want to know you visibly. Physically. Surely, my blogging has shown you that I have had many feelings about you. And all of it was love, twisted, turned around, dejected, abandoned love. I guess you just didn’t think about that? Read Primal wound.

I know you do t like being told what to do and neither do I. But it’s time to close those gap. And this is the worst of it. I just could no longer hold it in. And it time for you to listen to your heart, not everyone else’s mind about what going on here. There is nothing to fear. The worst is over. And I made it. So, let’s do what we know to do. Because not doing what we know is Best is sin. I still belong with you. You need me. I am the one daughter who’s a straight shooter. I’ve proved it here by telling it all. No shame in truth. Just shame if we continue as the same after truth. This is our 360. To repent is a 360.

There is so much to share and learn. And I know your board. And God saved the Best for last. So, let’s do this closure. Let’s close the gap between us and bring God the glory. Your plenty strong enough. Throw caution to the wind and trust God this time. Now it our time to rise above what once was. Now is our time to glorify God and what God brought back together. It’s time to meet the woman who raised your child. I’ve prepared you. Chelsie’s prepared you. And God certainly prepared you.

If an adopted child grown still has no right to ask her Mama for wha she wants? Then Adoption needs to change.


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