If I have brought any of you.

To your knees, to tears, or to your feet, with my truth? Well? It’s about time. But if not? I’m not quite done yet.

Stay tuned.

For adoption will be bowing by the time I am done.

My Mama was just the first to be exposed to the truth her child experienced at the hands of an ignorant woman.

It’s time woman all over this world learn. Ignorance is not a blessing but a curse when the child must pay the price for her Mamas ignorance to the scriptures she so dearly loves.

Children are blessings.

And I plan on educating the world about what woman who CHOOSE , REALLY ARE DOING TO THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES.

Do we all imagine that God who sends children to woman is pleased with our handwork at rearranging what God has brought into our lives? Do woman think their power is for themselves alone?

Children are the future. Children are evolution.

Stop playing with the future by thinking your own ideas are Gods.

I am just getting started.

So. Yeah.

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