I am unable to contact Mama. And so, that means I no longer can check on her. So. I am gonna tell ya this. I better get a call if she sick. I don’t care if she’s only got a sniffle. I want to know. Mama told me she almost died. Ok. Like what the hell! Like no one even called me to include me? And that’s really kind of sad. And it’s all on you. Because you did not even give me a chance to show up? And that’s got me a bit upset as you can read. And I am done letting you all treat me like some stray cat who’s just beggin for scraps! Like I am your sister and if you don’t want to end up in court with me about this? You better straighten up. Mama is not gonna tell you shit about how to treat me. She’s done teaching you all. And from what I can see? You all didn’t even listen anyway. That is my Mama as well. I have DNA ON MY SIDE AND YOU CAN KEEP ACTING LIKE SPOILED BRATS? Or you can sister up and show Mama a little better care. Like to act like this is so embarrassing. I am going on America’s Got Talent in December. And so, everyone is gonna know how messed up we all are. Is that what you want? Because I am not going to protect you when you are not giving a shit about me. This blog substantiates my claim. And so you all look like idiots now. With so many Adoptees following me now? Where will you all hide them? It’s time to grow up and be what you are to me, sisters. Right now? Your acting like ignorant folk. And I know, Mama never taught you all to act like that. Victoria, you have disappointed me. And Mama. You just hold onto her and don’t share. You slate doors in my face? Well, there will never be a next time on that one. I wanted to see what you were made of. And you showed me your ass the day you treated Mamas baby like that. So. My assessment stands. You’re a chickens shit older sister. The rest of you? Are not much better. Now you all can stay this way? Or change. I suggest you change. Because this sister does not back down. Our Mama is just as important to me as you sweeties. And your damn lucky I know Christ. But this family needs a 360 and how. Now. Forgiveness is one thing but this is continuing and is affecting me and MYCHILDREN. DO YOU WANT IT TO AFFECT YOURS? They will see. And what will they say about you? What? When they see how my friends see me and know my reputation with many people that I am not even related too!! So check yourself. Living without Mama made me strong. So good luck trying to lie and tell Mama the stupid shit you do, and buying into the nightmare. I am her blessing. And I am done with this shit. Done. I am not going away. So you better adjust your attitudes. Now. As millions will see. What do you want them to see? This? Or would you like them to see a family that is practicing their Christianity? God is not glorified here. And I am in this mix. Paperwork be damned. I am home. Now move the hell over, I am back to take my place for good or bad. You might? Rethink what you are doing because I am no stray cat. I am a sister. A damn good sister. As my Adoptee friends read these post, they watch to see. What will you all do? Hmm? It better be better than this. Because it time. This old sucky chapter must close, so a new better chapter can open. But we need to talk, and update and unite. Like what is your deal? Wake up! Now. Victoria, I want a call from you. I want to know how Mama is doing. I want no more of this scripture reading telling me I am a demon and we need to work this out. Seriously. Like seriously. I am waiting and the world is waiting as well. I am doing what no other adoptee is doing. I am coming home and doing the work to help Mama heal. I don’t want to hear another thing about Mamas fine. I’ve seen her fine, that’s not fine. Remember. This could have been any one of you. Is this how you would want me to treat you? Is it? I don’t think so. I’ve got my wholeLife to go on and on. Is that what you all want? I don’t like messes. Ask Chelsie. So clean it up. With me. Now.

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