Closed Adoptee survey

I would like to invite any and all closed adoption Adoptees to click the link below and give their answers. Unity will help. Our truths is needed to make it better.

why have a voice if you dont use it?

why suffer in vein and leave others to do the same?

why did were ypu born?

if ypur family means so much? what are you willing to do to get them back?

is it about ypur adoptive family?
or is it about your family?

if your adoptive family truly loves ypu they will accept this. besides, they knew to vegin with.

if ypur adoptive family gets upset? help them deal with it, and show them what they did bot do for you.

its about healing. resoratiom and redemption.

familys matter. even to us. who have lost ours while the world looks on like pychodic lunatics and just allow it to happen and does nothing.

our adoptive families know we suffer. we must take back wjat is ours by birthright. its ours.

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