As I blog and tweet the web continues to grow

I am working to connect with Adoptees everywhere, on twitter, Facebook and through talking. Unity is key. And if I am the only one concerned that we unite to show our numbers, so be it. But I feel if we all do this, the web affect will show the world, how we the guinea pigs of this experiments have been affected by this social experiment called so lovingly, Adoption. As I work to connect us to show our numbers, my Mama hunkers down to avoid the exposure to what she was lead to do to her own child in 1963. It’s been a long time that she’s been helping woman relinquish their precious gifts as a service to whom? That’s my question. I don’t think she realizes what she has done to so many family while thinking she was helping them. Families are like fabric, very intricate fabric, that when torn, and prices removed, must be now patched back together for gods glory and the sake of the unit God sent us too and our Mama tore us out of. She’s very distraught as of late by my voicing my feelings and thinks that I HAVE GONE MAD. it’s a very Interesting response from a woman who is a devoted Christian. And I am sure she is horrified by my resent vocalizations of trauma from being removed from her life. But we all get horrified when we see the ripple affect come back around for a second look at what exactly we did to our child when we signed up for this pony ride. Adoption tore me apart, god patched my back up. That’s the point. If she can not see that she was lied to by the testimony of her child? Well? This thing needs to be blown up so she can see. That’s where I am. Blow this thing up without testimony. Blow Adoptions lies up with our words and feelings. Violence is not my desire. Exposure is my target. The only way to face a bully the magnitude of Adoption is to speak and help people see what they do to their own family tree when a precious branch which bears fruit is removed. We the adoptees have words that carry power when spoken, to free us from Adoptions sting on another. As child after child is removed from the families they were sent, and the trauma gets more intense with each person affected, god hears. God heard our cries in secret when we mourned the loss of our family. And god sent us to them first. No other. If children are gifts like the Bible’s says? We have been re-gifted. I know that God does things for a reason, but this is NOT GOD. God sent us to our Mamas and our Mamas gave us away. All of them were lied to to get their baby away from them. For many reason. I would remind Mothers everywhere about Jesus and Mary. This story is very old. But is a strong message to Mamas today. Keep your baby. Adoption is like hanging us on the cross. And our Mamas know not what they do. Jesus by today’s standards would be an illegitimate child. He had no earthly father. And today. If Mary told her story, she, would be put on medication and placed in a asylum for the mentally ill. That’s the truth. People who say silly stories like that today? Get put awayI have a dear friend who was thrown into foster care because her Mom prayed and talked to God. She was three. Her first foster Father? Locked her in her room and taped her daily. She was not allowed to come out except to clean, eat and go to school. Tell me? Does that sound like God to you? Sounds like Hell. And it is hell for children all over the world as men like this do things like this and get away with it. A child’s rights are no better than a dog. Children are born and hopefully kept, But many, are given away to folks that are unable to conceive Have we asked the question? Why? Why can some conceive? And some can not? Could they not be mature enough or ready for such a demanding job? I dare say yes. I dare say we need to stop drop and roll. It’s time we open up this Pandora’s box of an idea and show the acres from relinquishment knife. What is to fear now? What? My Mama may not have the chops to come clean and face the harsh reality she placed me into back in the day. My prayer is that she will. I pray she will rally for me, now, at long last. For I have waited for her for years. Like aChild on the couch waiting for a parent to come and pick them up. I am grown now. I am still waiting. Waiting. Waiting to hold her, love her and heal us. It’s not an easy job waking your Mama up to what she has done. And it is challenging to educate her about the affects when she really believed this was a good way. It’s hurts to know that she’s so turned around and has been used by an evil idea to do what she did to her own baby. But I am strong and I made it. It was difficult holding onto all I remembered about her, to keep my true identity intact, so that I could report and tell Mama what I went through. I feel that when Mama realizes what I am saying. And once she wakes up to the fact that she’s still my Mama and that paperwork changed nothing for me? She will rally. For me. It takes a lot of faith right now to believe for us both that the truth will set us free. But all I need is a mustard seed. I am doing what I have not seen done. I am coming home like no other. Fully, completely, honestly, and with the love I have so carefully protected for my wholeLife, for her and my family. Change is challenging. There are many times I have felt I would die before my Mama realizes and comes to me. It’s not easy raging against the machine that created this mess. But I want my Mama back. That’s it. And I want you all to have you’d back. But it takes work. Work, that we all would not be required to do if we had been kept. But it time this circus act was torn down. We the carnies if Adoption are tired and want to go home. Let’s do this. It’s time. God bless. Thanks for diving deep with me today.

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