Family. Give blood.

Hello. I am writing today for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. I feel that we American need to step up and give what we can to help. I feel blood is important to share at this time and so I have made an appt with a local bloodSource bank near me to give my blood. And this blood back, who has told me they are sending donations to Vegas for the next two weeks to bring supplies back up that have been depleted.

I am O- negative blood type, which means that my blood can go to anyone and especially O- blood types because O-blood types can only receive their own blood type. I want to encourage all in the triad called adoption to donate, and remind us all we can help in this way. And I feel it is needed at this time.

I also want to encourage my family by blood, Like, Mama, Vicki, Liz, and Phyliss to do the same. And anyone else in the family.

Since I can only communicate by blog these days to my family, and a letters just takes to long I have posted this here. I encourage Chelsie Lynn to donate blood as well. We can make a difference in another’s life with our blood. And even though we are all jacked up about each other, a need is present. I feel that w need to respond.

The blood bank is not taking walk in and is making appts. So call your local hospital or BloodSource for details and share this post please to get the word out so people can respond and help. This act of violence is one act. And as we watch our world go Crazy, we the Remnant must show Christlike charity in this way to testify of Gods grace and power through our own blood, to another.

Pleas share this

Blog post if you agree. And let’s get Americans to go and give blood for Vegas, and for anywhere else that needs what we have. Thank you.

God bless.

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