Twitter is lighting up

As adoptees take to the air and air their truth, twitter lights up a beacon for other Adoptees,who are tired of being their parents mistake, can gain balance to their lives that have been mowed over by Adoption regulations. A societal foopa called a solution. As I tweet and blog and Facebook, I can see what I am up against. Adoptions not the problem and adoptions not the cure, for a Mama that abandons her baby and chooses to see them as mistakes. Mamas. What where you thinking? Like I know. But a baby is a baby. The label you put on the creations that come from you are your own damnation. Not ours. Ok? Like we are just the product. We are not our fathers, nor their actions. We are your hope, your prayer. How we came? Matters to me. Because men who create babies in violent ways need to be educated. I’ll educate them. Cuz living like this is for the birds. Just because our Dads did this to our Mamas, we paid. Yep. Our fathers did not pay for their actions? No. We paid for them. And that’s a high price for a child just born to pay. We pay when our Mamas don’t see their worth and do drugs and can’t keep it together enough for us. And that’s kind of a world problem. Woman are still not supported completely if they are still just a prize for a man pleasures and then get left with the bag full of baby to tend too. Like hello. I see why woman pick pro choice. But I feel they damn the children from their loins. Because children born from a violent act can and will make the changes need so all woman are safe. We certainly do not appreciate our fathers actions as to how we get here. That needs to change. Men. Need to realize that sex is an intimate act. And sex with violence is just not ok? And that the children created in such a way don’t appreciate it. Because we pay. I mean. I owe my life to violence? I owe my birth right to a man who forced himself on my Mama? Oh Lordy. Oh Lordy. It’s mind blowing when it hits. When you see. Why your Mamas so silent and non-responsive and not really happy you came back? It’s hard. And compounds it all. Wow! But I am grateful for this life of mine. And I do care about my reputation with my Mama. I am not a demon seed. That’s my truth…. Hers? Well. To be continued is all I can say right now. She’s not speaking at all about it. Tweets can help all our Mamas see. Our tweets are like the cries of a child within us and waft through the air waves and reach our Mamas ears. So they can see what adoption really feels like to us. Thanks for tweeting, liking, and sharing. It’s will make the difference we the adopted need to see in our lifetime. So others. Don’t need to be, adopted. One voice. Many strong. Xo

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