Let’s us join. One voice Many strong

Our truth is the medicine to cure it.

Speak the truth you e held.

It’s a canon ball of power

And our truth will set us all free.

And generations to come.

One voice

Connected by many stories

That weave a common thread

Throughout time and space

We share a common goal

And must unit and agree on one thing

To change it for generations to come

It is not a fight.

We only need to stand and speak

And leave the world that allowed this to happen to us and our Mamas, with their mouths gapping wide open with nothing to say.

Except, a feeling just like we felt the day our Mamas left, that can drive them back to safe ground. And see what we do. To children and woman by not seeing children always as a gift and taking the time to help a woman restore her sanity to that fact. And leave her down and just take the baby and run with your own dreams plastered all over the child you now holds own dreams. Wow. A mouth full.

I am gonna talk in this world wide street till you all come to your sense and speak what you know to be true and bring this change that must come for every child coming into this world. We must learn the deeper meaning of life and know that children are always gifts that change us forever. Even when adopted. Adoption changes the parent in ways that keeping them would not have.

Thank you to those who are speaking. I see your likes and shares. I see you. And I will not stand by and let this time pass. For it’s ripe, like a cherry for the picking. We just need to speak up and not back down. And that’s hard because our survival has demanded an amount of bowing down to a new. But our hearts say the truth we seek. And that is our light to guide us through This dark hallway to the light of our new day. We must go agains the grain of an ideal that is not what our truth is.

Consider my very pointed words. What’s the target we seek? That’s what we all shoot for. And united we gain force and resolve to hit that mark.

Again. Thank you that like this blog and my posts. You give me fuel to light this thing up so all can see. Our hearts. Our dreams. Our desires. So they can respond. As we validate from within each of us gains momentum towards to the target that we seek.

Have a blessed Sunday.

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