Even though you cut me loose.

Even though you cut me loose and thought you set me free.

A strand so strong and indestructible still remain in tacked.

God formed me within you and he is not done quite yet.

With this child God made within your form.

For in me beats a heart so strong for two woman now,

And yet one walked Away, with her heart still connected to what God had made fro


She thought she beat the king at his own game.

But God is all and all is a god.

We all know the saying.

And I know that its true.

If you set a bird free, and if they come back.

That bird is yours.

You set me free.

And I came back.

Why does a Mama shoo the bird that came from her away?

Could it be?

She sees a part of herself she didn’t really like?

Could she have gotten it wrong?

Look again.

I am better than that woman.

I am the product from her

But I am me.

And I am what you get when you add all that up.

And excuse me.


If I disagree with your final assessment of me.

You have left out so much from your calculations of me.

I am more than you dreamed wrapped up in flesh God made me from.

But I am not you.

I am me.

Your daughter still.

Banging at your very mind that has locked me out.

It’s me.

Your Child come home.

Let me dress that wound.

I have the salve.

And I saved your portion.

It’s been paid for with my life.

Let me in on the outside.

Embrace me for real.

Leave the dreams.

Let’s live reality.

God gave us a second chance.

You can’t give this one way.

I paid for the ticket.

I did it with my life.

Come. The table is set.

And Jesus is here.

For your baby bird flew home.

She’s always been yours.

She got someone special she wants you to meet

The Mama you gave me too.

We have not failed.

I tie to knot.

And connect all

To show the world.

The love of a child is strong.

I will not forget you and go on.

I know. You feel you did not deserve it.

But I came back to show you who I have become because of what you did.

And all my pain.

Never once

Stopped my love.

It only expanded it

To include others

You broke my heart wide open

And all my love just runs out

To those who need it.

You need to too

Even though you cut me loose.

God kept me connected to you.

And God knows you need me more than you know.

And God is giving me to you.

I obey God.

I don’t really see what I am worth

I struggled with that because of what you did.

But I over came.

You can’t run me off?

Can’t you see?

I am always in your heart.

And this old story sucks.

Let’s write a new one Mama.

Can we?

I hate it like this.

Mama Jeans cool.

She is rough. Yes.

But she done her best with me.

The rest is up to us.

She been listening to me talk about you for years.

It’s time you meet.

It’s time.

And God is calling us higher.

We claim his blood

And must lay down our flesh

And obey.

I am your daughter.

End of discussion.

What you do about that? Is ultimately on you.

Choose well.


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