Why? Is the question I most want answered.

And also, what wisdom have you gleaned from being separated by your own choice from your child and her return? How does it feel to look the baby you gave away in the face you never dreamed you would ever gaze on again?

My question is to my leader on this earth and I have traveled far and prepared a lot that I would hear it from the one who chose this for us, for me. What was the point? What was this supposed to give us both? Did the plan go like anticipated? Where is the silver lining her with us? That is what I seek among all these ashes of our old? Where is God here? Because I know Gods here with she and I. Yes. I do.

And God is with you and your Mama too. I feel what is calling me is calling us all to look at what we do and figure out why. And then ask, was it for the best? And how could we have done better? And the. Plan that. Better.

I am my Mamas daughter trying to figure out the plan. I see what affected me. What affected her? How could we make it better for us all?

I’ve lived how she wished. Why? Is that to much to ask? Look at what Ive gone through for you woman I am from!! Why? Shall we stay this way? When we are more?

Christ. Lives in us both.

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