Snapchat makes a compelling point

What do you see when you look at me here? Do the pictures below show the true me? Or are they a distorted view? Are they a manipulated phot of the original.

And when you look at the different pictures of each other we begin to see, how set we are in our own image of ourselves and of who we believe another is.

Snap chat helps us get over ourselves and the bodies we have that are ladened with the opinions and perceptions of others and not in our true knowing of the self within that is trying to shine without.

Look below. I look so different. And how do the pictures make you feel? Do you cringing at some? And why? Or why not?

How do you see yourselves? Worthy? By birth? Or worthless by relinquishment and removal? How do our Mamas see us? Do they see us as gifts? Or curses? And who is that on? You? No.

How do you see your Mama? Can you see the part of you that could do this? Because this is what we came from. We came into a world that could cause our Mamas to do this and support her in doing this, that we know is extremely challenging to deal with at our young ages and without the tools to cope well. Because coping with the loss of a parent that no one seems to give a shit about it see that we lost.

What do you see in me? A crumpled fool? Or a warrior who’s overcome? Your option of me is yours. But I see so much more than my Mama even dreamed was within her to create. Me.

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