My family

You know. If my family would think about how they appear by not responding to me we might get somewhere beside here? I mean are we in our wilderness? If we are. I am Moses. Because I am the only one talking, writing and trying to get through. I am not sure they have considered how they look? Nor have my sister even thought about what Mama thinks about it? Really? What Mama in her faith mind would want her daughters not to embrace their sister? But mine haven’t. Hmmm? Mama’s got a job for her. But she’s not alone. I’m here trying to help her. I mean They are not responding and I am reaching out.

Granted, my truth sucks to my sisters, and I don’t write with eloquent words that tickle the ears. My truth is rough to share. It has been extremely difficult to express the emotions and feelings that I kept inside. And sisters!! Yeah. Sisters!! Can you imagine what Mamas truth must sound like? No. You probably don’t even know her real truth about it? Yet.

I do realize now that my family has absolutely no ideas what I am saying. And this is precisely what I am illustrating here. How families and Adoptees are turned around and their families are the same. Going home is difficult when your Mama has been brainwashed. Or would appear to be. Or she’s hiding. Or both.

She’s stuffed a lot. Are you guys gonna deal with it? Or leave she and I a mess? What does that say about you? Ireland is reading about you guys. Scotland is reading about you. Many people from different countries are continuing to come to this page and read about you and I. And adoption. Let’s show them how it’s done.

I don’t give up on family. Ok. So you’re stuck with me and have always been. Can’t you see? What Mama washes it all away? A Mama who’s given her rights away and feels she has no right to what god gave to her first. I have decided. I have decided to be her daughter in full. So that means you must concede and stop this nonsense now by helping Mama and me. Because if Mamas not happy? No ones happy. And she should not have to cry alone about this because her girls can’t see?

Let’s me just introduce you to THIS side of Mama. Yep. I am my Mamas daughter, made in the sixties when she just let go and loved a man. I came from that act. And it most certainly is not disgusting that she did that. It is disgusting to come home to this mess. Yes it is.

Mama though I was a mess that blew into her life. And I am a fresh breeze that now is a tsunami of love for the one I came from. And I blow the dust off this. So we can see the truth. I am her daughter. I am your sister. Raised by another. A maverick. I am changing the script. So learn your lines and read them because baby sisters home for good.

We can do it like this? Or we can get together and speak like Chelsie Lynn says. Listen to her. She’s seen your shit show!!

The shame will be on us all as we stand before the king and try to explain this one!! Let’s get it right. And this right here is left.

Think about it. You all went to college and have no brains. Your damn right I am going below the belt. This is ridiculous!! That I must come here!! No numbers. Police. Seriously. Seriously. Knives. Silence. Slammed doors!!

I’ll have you losers know that I brought gifts for all of you!! Yeah! What’s the hell did you give me? Slammed doors. Police. Telling Mama shit to make her upset and scared of me? Oh. You barked up the wrong tree. And better back the fuck up.

I will be coming to Oregon. I better get a letter soon from my Mama inviting me up. There better be wine. And food. And joy that I am home. You got me? Or it’s only gonna get hotter. This is not an option for my family! Not. And it’s time to clean this shit up!!

I didn’t make all this mess. And I am here to help clean it up. So we can move on. And be what we are. Family. Got it? I am not kidding.

Victoria Brumley

Liz Farrugia

Phyllis Schneider

Yep. I am calling you out!! Stand up!! Your sister is home and she’s not real pleased with this mess. I did not make this mess. You did not really make this mess per say. But there comes a day when we get the update from a reliable source and we change. This is that day.

You may think I am kidding. But ask Chelsie. You can’t hide from me. Because god’s got your number. And god gave it to me. So you can run. But you can not hide. So get that. This is a check mate.

Mama almost got killed!! She wrecked her car!! I just floored. No one has even called me when she has been sick? Yes. I called a lot. I spent lots of money. I saw her bond with you was strong. So strong that she did not want you to feel abandoned by accepting me? Can’t you see that? Lordy.

Mama’s gonna deny it. She so turned around. And we have to help her. Think? What Mama wants to go out with her family like this? She’s embarrassed? She doesn’t even feel the right to reprimand you. But I will for her. She’s done enough raising you selfish girls who hoard her.

There are so many side to this triad? I think it’s growing? This and that. And they say this and that. It stop here with me. Our family truth includes me and this is my truth. I am home. Open the door. There is nothing to fear except what you hide. Nothing confessed can be used against you. The scriptures say. Either we believe the word? Or we don’t? Christ is lord and commands us to love one another. This is love.

Read proverbs 3. Dispose not the chastening the lord. For whom the lord loves he chastens. Chasten means correct. We are going in a direction that is away from arch other when families are to connect physically. It is good for us to connect. Research tells about the benefits of family. And the DNA connection.

But you would know shit about that would you? DNA? You probably don’t even know your family members? I do? I know the Moreland’s. And was able to write myself and my children onto the family tree made by Tom. It was a highlight. I thank Marcia my cousin for that experiences and am grateful for it to no end!!

I mean 24 years + guys. Lordy. Mama, you got it right with me! Should sent us all off to be adopted till we grew up. At least I know what you’re worth!! I’m coming!! That’s some humor. This is so dense. It’s heavy. And so needed that I find it hard to express how much this means to me.

If your ever love our Mama. Do this now that I say. Make this happen. I am ready to make our Mama proud. But not without you. I’ve lived to long without you all. I may bite. But only the ones I like. And for a damn good reason.

I am your sister to the fullest. Filled with enough love to kick you in your ass when your dragging around. Let’s go!!

Chop chop!!

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