A girl like me

When your a girl like me. And you’ve lived most of your life being who others wanted you to be and not who you truly are. It is a challenge to ask for what you truly want. As you have witnessed in my writing, I was a bit jammed up with feelings drench in emotions from days gone by. Like it’s a cacophony of raw emotions mixed with vivid experiences that ignites such emotions. And a person can only hold so much of the emotions I held for years, for I was without words to explain or express them.

A girl like me wants to get it right when she see her shot at changing it. She wants to leave no stone unturned, every t crossed and I dotted, and not perfection, but full disclosure. Welcome to my brain. Come in. It’s a circus in here, but with time, and lots of mental calisthenics , you’ll be able to keep up.

A girl like me is a survivor who’s gonna thrive. And as I settle In her at my 54 th year, and unpack all I’ve carried and show you the files and data, I am gonna educate you about the mind of an adoptee who just was not gonna stay the way my Mamas wanted me to, because I could see better.

A girl like me has spoken to many many people about adoption and has gleaned many many perspectives. And I have filed them. There are many groups and schools of thought about adoption. And I feel that it’s time we the adoptees address them. We need to answer them one by one. All of us need to weigh in and do the math. I know. It means unity and we trust no one. Or do we?

I do believe my credentials are good here. My

Money’s good here. Not cash. But I do carry some weight. So. What I mean as I’ve told the truth according to me. I know your truth is different and yet the same.

I feel most deeply. As deeply as I have expressed my pain in ways that make people cry and feel what I am saying. I am glad for that. Words are knives. They cut out cancer or can plant it. My words and you’re have the power to cut out the cancer that was created. Adoption so nice, but not so good.

Our lives have been disrupted and our peace of mind disturb for long enough. Our families must accept us back. It’s time we turn this titanic around. I know there is work to be done to patch this fabric back up. But we your children, we the adoptees know the price of living without you. We can heal together. We can reunite with our families. And the truth can set us all free to do that.

There is no need to fear. And we the adoptees should have motives of love for our family. We must look past the things done in ignorance by our parents, and adopted parents. They have done their best. Many adopted parents should not have been parents and we paid the price for society messing with Mother Nature and denying natural selection.

What we hate of hate need be here, is ignorance. A world ignorant of our challenges and struggles in this most disconcerting modality. Adoption stunts our evolution by taking our heritages and locking them away to maintain your status quo. And I feel that society needs to realize with a capital R that we the adopted take back our rights!! We demand our records. We demand our families to get ready to accept us. We refuse to accept that our families have a choice about this.

I am not talking about storming doors or any physical thing at all. I am talking about owning your bastard hood. Claim your family. And accept them. We all have fucked up stories. But we are sisters and brothers. Just own it. And prepare yourself to be your best.

We must express our pain and clear out room

For joy. Our stories carry the weight of our experiences. That’s hard core research. It’s the best research. We the subjects have lived out the hypothesis. We have garnered the data from our own trial and error. We have the research to tell the story and show the results.

Martin Luther King had a dream. I listened to his speech in a playpen. And for years to come. And I have a dream too. That every woman will love and care for her young. That no one will look down on her for how the child came to be. That all woman will be supported to raise their own children and education will be available to all on parenting. That all will be cross trained on parenting and we update as we go and not wait so long to update and change.

I believe Martin would see us as silenced slaves and come to our aid. Maybe he is. I do feel his energy. The spirit they say never dies. I pray he gives me strength to write and make this a reality for us all. I feel if we all unit and express. Maybe a poll. Or blogging. And video. A blitz. I can start a YouTube page and share them. At a juncture.

If we pump the internet with content they can’t ignore us. I feel now it the time. Consciousness is changing and we need to get our data in so the change can begin. Our data bring new light to a dark idea. Dark meaning lacking the light of our truth, we are the children this modality is supposed to give us our best chance. Or so they say.

I am not advocating that abusive parents should parent children. I do advocate that a abusive people. But handle our affects and report accurately the story how we became adopted. And do not cut us off from our families!! I would like to state her that it is a cruel concept and must be banned. Children need to know whom they came from and must have their ethnicity celebrated and to be educated about our ethnicity and taught the language so when we do return? Which we never should have left.

I mean it just slays me that children are shipped to a foreign country away from their Mothers and family because we can’t help their economy so they can stay? Are people that greedy to have a child that they will take it from another in the name of their dream to be a parent? What are we doing?

The song above is a battle cry and the weapon is in your mind!! Chirp!! Speak! Express! Video! Blitz!! It’s time to stop and look what’s going down. I am calling all my 60’s people! But I don’t care who shares!!

Let’s change it.

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