I want you to watch the help. Listen to it. Watch what skeeter did. My people. The adopted need my truth to set them free.

I am free now. Because I have told my truth. But every adoptee should be free to express their truth from their experience. Our truth is valid too. Your truth is valid. Only if you share it. How can Jesus turn our water into wine if we don’t even believe?

Aibee said, that telling her truth helped her feel free. Just like slavery. This must stop. We no not what we do, but I do. And my people do. Stand with me! So we can set them free. It’s the least you can do. And is the most you can do for me. Your child.

This end with me. Till my last breath and someone else carries on. Adoption-like it is- must go. And I will be at the front line!! And am. Piercing this veil must happen. Many suffer under an old way, and old idea that send children into a mental hell I wouldn’t sent anyone into.

Watch the help and listen to Eugenia’s Mama talk about courage. The courage to change it.

Watch. It’s time. I’m here. Waiting. My hand is stretched out. Take it.

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