Are we just gonna stand here gapping?

Are we the adopted who have been affected by the removal from your family gonna just stand her gapping? While the world goes on and we have the Intel to change the course for every child that come here?

Shall we unleashes our tongues and bring the good into the world that we needed back in the day? Shall we dare to share the dark side? Shall we dare to shine the light of our truth onto a world that has been blinded and become so out of date.

Adoption is like buying a dress that fits, throwing it out and some other person gets it and they just can’t pull it off like you did. I appreciate my Adopted Mama very much. But look at it. Did I make up for the children she lost so long ago? No. I did not take their place. Mama Jean has a special room for them. She does not talk about them. It’s their love I grew up on. She channeled the love she had for them to me.

Did she make up for my Mama not being their? Did she make me stop wondering about my Mama and why she wasn’t around? Does my Mama need to pay for what was done? No. She does need to know though. She came here to be a Christian. And when you are a Christian there are standards. Treating me like this is not one of them. Have we not learned that? Christ is supposed to be modeled. Yes.

My Mama gave. My Mama Jean was blessed with her gift. Or that better be what happened. Cuz if not? If these two woman have to live like this to make my life possible? Forever? It’s not ok with me and I am grown and can say now what I really want.

I want togetherness. The kind Christ called us too. I want my family to step up and. Ideal that with me. I want them to know that we wrestle not with flesh and blood. It’s the thoughts in our minds that dont match, not us. DNA matches us. Thoughts and words on paper said we are no more connected and DNA dictates otherwise.

Mama’s should not fear their children. We do appear strange. And we know why. Listen. We will tell you why. Our hearts have know why since the day we were removed.

Non of this takes away from what Mama Jean and have built. Nothing can take that away except us. And I am not backing down on her. And am just stepping up to my Mama. Like Mama Jean taught me to. With truth.

Thank you Mama Jean. Xo

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