Beyond all this.

I do love who I am. Beyond what my Mama think. Beyond what Adoption thinks. And beyond what the world thinks.

As I stand on top of it all. I can see what living like this has made me. I am strong. Strong enough to stand in the world wide street and say how I felt, feel, and what it’s like to lived as an adopted person. Not everyone’s able to do that? Many are worse than me in the sense of trying to figure out who they are? Now after adoptions altered everything.

As I go back and gather what Adoption threw to the four winds and stitch it back together as it is. I work to educate folks on how it is. By see what is and saying what is appearing before me. Many have not liked my feedback and yet I know they needed it.

Just like I have gotten my feedback and have not particularly liked it. But that’s my families truth right now. Will it stay that way? Well, with Christ help, no. That’s how twisted and turned around Adoption is. It makes strangers of family, and family of strangers. And that can be a good thing when we accept that a stranger is now part of the family.

I appears strange to my family. My family acts strange to me. Not what I expected at all, but ok. We can work on it. And so I am working and working to fill in the holes of our stories, so it all will make sense in the end.

Their are rough spots in the story line. And missing pieces. I am a missing piece of my Mamas story and she’s part of mine.

I fail to see why folks still think I should just go away and leave us like this? That is not an option. The buck stops here.

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