It is not all lost.

Well. We may have missed the mark that adoption said was attainable. But we did hit a humanity mark.

  • One. A woman was in trouble with a baby created.
  • A woman wanted a baby.
  • A doctor helped them.
  • A lawyer helped them.
  • And adoption seemed like a solution.
  1. But adoption didn't know it all.
  2. Kids grow up missing home, Mama and family.
  3. Mama's have trauma from relinquishment.
  4. Mama's don't want to seem weak because they missed what they once had. Their child.
  5. Folks need to be kinder to all people involve in adoption.
  6. Adoption does affect us all.
  7. Mama's need forgiveness mirrored to them so they can forgive themselves.
  8. We the adoptees need to forgive ourselves for not being able to bond with our new parents like our Mamas. We try hard to give you all we can.
  9. Adoptions leaves families with missing parts and gapping holes that need not even be there.
  10. Adoption does not get to keep me confined to an archaic modality. I am more. Than just adopted. I am a child that is the product of two woman that have not yet met physically. But I am trying to help them see that they know each other well, thanks to me.
  11. I am looking for the need to do this? And for the reason why we don't let the kids I. One the plan and let them have a say? We do gore into adults you know?

There is hope. When all is lost. That is when God can truly work divine things out.

Thanks for diving deep.

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