Some people have acted like…..

People act like because I want my Mama that I am ungrateful. I mean really? Ungrateful? Most ungrateful people could care less for their Mamas? Many adoptees shun them both, taking out what the world dishes us and the frustration of not being able to know your Mama like so many other children do. They just block them both out. I believe they are not truly mad at them, but more frustrated that neither of them see what Adoption has done to them,
Like don't look at me like I am crazy? When I have to introduce anyone I wish to be friends with to the whole lot of them and spend so much time explaining who is who? It's daunting to say the least. But this is how my Mama did it. So I'm different. Adoptees are.

And while I am at it, you who are not adopted, Stop reminding us how different we are and educate your children to be sensitive and knowledgeable about it. And maybe compassionate? Don't just throw them out into the world where we Adoptees also live, to torment us with the things you say behind closed doors about it. We deserve a better place to live too. I'm sorry your a nonprofessional mom and don't Train your kids to be tolerant and inquisitive about the people around them.
And excuse me for my frankness, but putting up with your shit talk all these years has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Ignorance is not my main staple, as an adoptee my life was very diverse. I have patterned my life to be aware of those around me and to make them aware about me. So step it up. You're way behind if this triggers you. Own it if you've said some shit about Adoptees, their Mamas. Ok. Not ok. Got it?
Well. So much more needs to be said.
But tomorrow's another day.

God bless you for showing up and reading my words. It feels good to get this out. I wish I had been better informed to be able to set all of you straight at the time. But better late than never.

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