If your looking for your Mama

And you need some encouragement. Let me encourage you.
It hard with all the well meaning people that are trying so hard to protect you from the monster they made your Mama to you and visa versa. Be encouraged today. god sees right where you both are. And God will make a way.

Watch God make a way for me. And see God do the same for you. Just believe. Xo.
And if your looking for your Mama. May you find her. And may she be happy. And may you both do the work to update and truly reunite.

That’s really all I want.
But it takes work.
And honest communications

Why should my Mama ask my sisters their opinions? When the jury is bias?
Mama needs her baby’s feedback, cuz Mama does care for me. She sent me away. Yes. And folks have a lot of nasty things to say about it. And me too because of that and those stupid people that just don’t know any better than to say ignorant things. I can see why Mama don’t say anything. She needed me to do that.
Her life is her testimony. I am part of that testimony. Hold her hand for God sake! Help her heal. She’s suffered long enough you boobs? Get real. Oh. That’s right you can’t. That’s my job.
Honest communications.
Let’s start with cards. I need cards with address and names and pictures. Now.
My address. You know. I’ve sent cards letters and things. Your turn sisters. I’ll be waiting for something. From your heart to your sister.
And I would like an invite up. For a real Mama sister weekend. I’ll treat you all to some good grub. I can’t wait to spoil you all with all the recipes I’ve Learned from all over!
We need a once a year sister thing. A weekend we go have fun as sisters. No excuses!! No children!! No Mama! Just us. And wine and food and cinema therapy!! We need some serious bonding!!
I know your
Not ready now. This is the seed. Chew on it. It’s a start.
You do have on thing right. I am crazy. If genius is crazy. That’s me. Not taking no for an answer.
Let’s get it all out

Chop chop

Times a wasting!! This will happen before Mamas time. She will see us together. Got it? Now everyone knows it. Maybe someone in bend or Redmond will read this and remind all of you for me? Your faces are known now dear sisters.
And You’ve grossly underestimated me and god for that matter. I am no push over and god may knock. But if we dont answer, how can god help?
Is God inside you? I hope yes?
Is God inside me? Yes!
So what’s I. The way? The flesh and the mind?

2 Corinthians 10:3-5New King James Version (NKJV)
For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,
New King James Version (NKJV)
Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

I take authority over the thoughts in my family and myself that exalt themselves up against the knowledge of God. I ask that we all will see each other for who we are. Family. I ask that every thought that either of us has that is not your will would be exposed and rewritten. So that we may move past this. Help me. Help them. I ask for restoration lord. I have confessed my missed marks before the world lord as you told me too. I ask forgiveness for my missed marks before all. I thank you for grace over t all. I ask that my family will join me, and anyone else who wants to,, to, do the same. Let’s us speak freely and wash it away.

My truth sets us free. Free to be who we are. Sister and brothers. Adoption taught me that. It’s time you learn.

I am my Mamas daughter. I’ve loved as an orphan called adopted and have learned many things. I have lived a privileged life, and have paid a price for this knowledges. Knowledge our dear Mother sent me to learn. And the life of the adopted is in need of much change. I demand it as an alumni of this modality.

I need your support. As a sister and as a friend. True friends in my book are honest to a fault. No secrecy. No being nice to save face. Straight shooters who can articulate face to face an idea or request.
You have struggled to do just that with me? Seems we have some work to do? Funny you think you can say no to me? Your sister? You really don’t k ow Mama now do you? lol.

Well. Chew on it. I’ll be checking the mail for your cards and pics. I’ll send you some of mine. I can’t wait to meet the nieces and nephews. Better start telling them. I hate awkward moments. So brief them about me like I did my kids about you? K? Thanks.

Such simple stiff. I know Mama taught them? Hmmm? Well. No time like the present to get started learning and practicing with me. Seems they are a bit rusty Mama? Oh well. No worries Mama. I’m here. Finally. Don’t worry.

Mama Jean had your back. She trained me well. I know. It’s hard raising kids and working. I get it. And they’ve had privilege too. Silly they didn’t learn a thing? They don’t even know how to get to know me? I know. You didn’t think of that? They told you I would care about you? What did they know? Not much evidently. I made my mind up I was gonna find you. And I had Gods will. Cuz if it ain’t god’s will. I don’t go their. But god showed me it was the way. So unless God tells me to stop you better step up. K?
No more judgements. I see the ones that hurt you when I told them. There is much to talk about.

Sister. I need a call. From a number. Not a blocked number. I need to talk and tell my Mama I love her. This is the last time. I’ve been patient long enough. And Ive covered it all. Nothing left out.

You know my number. I’ve kept it. So you can find your way back to me. I’m waiting to hear from all of you. I’m not messing around. It’s time.
I am done letting you all treat me this way. I was treated well. As well as a homesick child can be. You ere to do me this way. Your lucky I was raised well. Think about that for a minute?
That’s probably what you thought. I was write trash? Lol. Yeah. Wrong. My family is very visible in the town I grew up in. Lawyers and doctors where our friends. My father was major and Mama jean was county clerk. So. I’m used to nice things. I’m not used to my family treating me with such disdain. No. I have gotten down a dirty with you, because that seemed to be where you all were. Mama told me. What you were saying to her about me. She’s dumb founded. Thinks it me? Who told her that? Hmm? Victoria is the closets to her? But it could be anyone who is insecure? And worried about their place? I know my place. It someone in the family, maybe more than one, seems to want Mamas stuff. She keeps telling me who gets what? Are you all vultures? Circling our dear Mama? Waiting for her to die so you can have that thing you’ve wanted? Well have it? I’ll take Mama anyway. I don’t care what she’s acting like.
But I am watching all of you. Don’t think I’ll just lay down if you are not doing right by her. Like I said. My family I grew up in had law enforcement, my cousins were sheriff and highway patrol. Some of the best in Their day. You better bet I’m watching what ‘Mamas says and what she has. It’s hers to give to whom she wishes. And for her to enjoy without feeling eyes upon her for it. Pour thing. Why she tells me who gets her favorite knife? Yeah. Well. Don’t say I did not warn you. She’s my Mama too. I’ve watched how you’ve treated me. That’s on you. I called you out on it. That’s on me. What you do now is on you. K! K!

Yeah. God bless. Not messin girls. Not.

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