Please excuse the mess.

Please excuse the mess. I am working on cleaning it up.
I don't know it would be such a challenge
To go home.
But excuse me for looking a mess or making a mess of your life, because I want Mama back.
It would appear that no time is convenient for a child.
Excuse me for wanting a slice of the pie, we call Mama
Excuse me for messing up your perfect family by daring to claim I am part of it.
Excuse me for ranting on this blog because I did t want to stay trapped in an old story that I grew out of. Like Clothes that don't fit.
Excuse me for not having manors that keep me acting like someone I am not.
Excuse me for valuing who you seem to think is your Mama.
So excuse me, step aside please.
I've waiting a long time to make it better for her.
Excuse me for knowing who I am
I excuse you for not.
Mama raised me strong.
She threw me
Out into a world without her.
And I think it's time.
So excuse me please.
Get out of the way.
I'd like to love my Mama.
While I still can.
Excuse me.

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