My family treats my Mama like she so weak. Like seriously!

  • My Mamas a very strong woman. I've made it 54 years living without her. She has too. And from what I have experienced, if it anything like what she's been through? It rough and it makes you grow a calus. But underneath, it's quite soft and vulnerable.
  • That's why I've just throw it all out into the street. I e said all that was said. You think my Mama don't hear shit like what I've said? Yeah. She did. She heard it said to those who dared to say they were a Bio Mama. People talk behind backs still. My Mamas heard it all.
  • And I wanted her to just know. I get it. And Ive got her back. I'll expose it so they will shut the fuck up and maybe get a clue.
  • I am surprised my sisters have not stepped up to Mamas aid? A strange response for such loving daughters isn't it? It's like they are enjoying watching her squirm. Kind of sadistic if you think about it.
  • Sometimes I wonder. Has she commanded radio silence to the whole family? Is she trying to stay the same within a huge life change? Is she doing that for herself? And why would she feel so unsafe to be who she really is?
  • I wonder are my sisters not supporting her to go forward with their blessing and encouragement? Is this what's keeping Mama from Showing up? Surely she hears my cry? Every Mama hears her babies cry? What's has made my cry silent to the ears of her heart? Is she scared of rejection from the girls she kept?
  • I also wonder why, with my family believing in counselors so much and who go to church and pray to God, they have not tried to set up some kind of meeting that we can meet and discuss this like humans do. If your all going to counseling you should be well versed in honest open communication skills. What gives?
  • I wonder too. Beyond this silly place we all seem to be stuck. About how we will laugh at ourselves, because once we all talk and get it all out? We will be closer and we will get why we all go so upset about me Coming home?
  • Being born is natural. Most babies come home with Mama and everyone gets to know them and we all grow up together. Adoptions taken that away. But we still can do our meet and greet. Like we would have by just letting our hair down and talk.
  • I also wonder why my Mama called the police when I came into town? I wondered how she got so scared? Could she have been given maybe fearful ideas from well meaning family members who maybe don't feel safe and made her feel unsafe too? Like who's telling my Mama I want to hurt her? Hmmm? See? Adoption again. And some really bad misunderstandings.
  • We all take it personally in families affected by adoption.

The other day I watched some videos from some Adoptees that are vocalizing about this. And I learned that Mamas that relinquish can have PTSD after the reunion. And I do feel my Mama has been triggered. Her actions seem to point to an issue that my sisters and family have over looked because it the elephant in the room and has always kind of been there, just not visibly. A child is a part of a family even if adopted out.

With the combined fact that my Mama just lost her man of forever years. That's gonna jar some grief loose for sure. And I am trying to get to her. But with these lies being said about me, how can my Mama even see me as who I am?

I wonder if my sisters back up that I am crazy?
I wonder if my sisters agree with this delusion?
I wonder if my sisters would appreciate it is I if kept did them like this?
I wonder?
Cuz I do not think Mama, in her right mind, would really be happy? Is this the message Mama wanted her babies to get? Your sisters crazy, don't let her in? No. I dare say she's tearing you all. But I am showing up.

You ladies might want to check yourselves before you wreck yourselves. I know Mamas heart.

And Mama told me to come back. The day I left. And god made a way for me to do so. So back off. Ok? Give us some room. Like hello. Why be so greedy?

Yeah. Strong words. For strong times.

Sisters. Wake the hell up and do something constructive why don't you? Read about adoption would be a lovely start. Talk to Mama maybe. Tell her you support her reuniting with me? Tell her that you love her and are grounded in that love and want her whole and happy and reunited with their sister. Maybe tell her we can make it and should make it happen? These are all good ideas. I don't understand why I must tell you. But ok.

Get creative girls. Dig in and pull out maybe some of Mamas old tricks. You guys accepted Phil's son as your brother! And you can't take me?
Mama's probably praying like a mad man.

But she's not alone. Lord, I ask that you open my sisters eyes today. I ask that you show them that we are connected and that apart we are weaker than if together and that that message can help so many people heal.

I believe that Gran Gran and Grandma Roush would agree that we should come together. Grandma Roush told me she prayed for me
For 30 years to come home. And Gran Gran died when I wasn't even a year so she's been watching over me for years. I'm her great granddaughter and I am proud of her.
I really would not know shit about anyone if God had not hooked me up with Grandma Roush, Marcia, and my Moreland family.

My Mamas cut off and doesn't talk about them much to me. I would love to know more about all side of my family. I am anxious about that cuz people die and stories get lost if
Not told. My Mamas no spring chicken. Even if she looks great. God knows when she's gonna leave and I am not waiting for death to snap me too.
My Mamas alive and lives hours away! Like, whatever it is let's work it out before its to late.

Are my sisters gonna look back at this and mourn they couldn't get it together and step up and help her welcome her baby home? Like what the hell.

Like sisters. Hell yeah Mama was upset I came back. She was scared to death you all would reject her for doing your sister this way? Hello.

Mama's a thinker. She's worried for years about it. You can't with hold information from people you love and not worry they will be angry.

And that's another thing. I don't take any love from
You. Mama has plenty of love for us all. She's been loving me for years from afar with the memories she has made praying for me and trying to imagine good things for me. But she can pray all day. But I am home now. She can speaks time with me and make
But you guys are getting it? Mama's waiting. I get it Mama. Ive loved those that I'm not from and do
Charity work. Like you. I've loved those the world does not. I get Mama.

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