Education is knowledge juice.

And I used to be a good adoptee. But I've become an excellent adoptee of late. Why?

Well let me list why below.

  1. I love my Mamas, and have worked to not hate them both. Many Adoptees don't make it here. They either hate one, or just dont give a shit about them, and love the other. I've accept both my Mamas. And stand before them here, as they adjust to who I have now become because of it all, so they can accept me as well. Fully, and wholly.
  2. I am reporting my experiences here so folks can learn what they can from my very personal, and private experiences written here, for those affected in anyway to glean some ahead of validation or illumination, and to educate people on the inside world of the adopted. I am one of this nation. And my experiences count towards the whole of the health of this modality we call adoption. If adoptions off in anyway, it affects us all.
  3. I have stood up against all pressures to stay down. And I have grabbed myself by the boot straps god gave me and am giving my full report. How can anyone understand the story of an ADOPTEE Without the content to the whole story?
  4. I shine the light of my truth, so that others with similar truths will find the strength from my doing this, to stand and give their full report without edits that may or may not upset those involved in this that we call adoption. I feel our reports are needed to re-evaluate and look at what adoptions affect is on us the adopted and the affects from our lives in this world. If any adoptee is inhibited in the life, then we need to adjust for that too and not cover it up with flowery stories of grandeur that have no bases in reality because they lack our experiences to ground them in true reality. We all count here, not just parents that need kids and parents who don't want kids that came.

5 I am a grounded and capable person who has begun to articulate her feelings to her family In Hopes they will see. Me. For who I have always been, part of them, moved, raised somewhere else, by someone else, who has so much love within her heart it hurts her to not be able to give it to them. I have stood up not to fight them. Not to fight at all, but to articulate, to speak, so that the thoughts that have clouded their view of me can be sent packing. So I can return, with respect, and honor. That is my birth right and I've worked hard to be my best.
It's time they see that. I am a sister in every sense. I've not lied to them. Maybe my view was messed up. But can't they help me
Clear my sight up and I help them? Like that's what family is.

The only thing that suffers for my truth is ignorance that was bliss, but bliss come from knowledge, and if the knowledge I've give here steals your bliss? Then it's time to change. Cuz my bliss was taken, growing up in this madness called private adoption. Ok?

No child should have to maneuver through this kind of mind fucking shit to be here. I really know that God did not plan life to be this hard, and we the crates need to change, so all children everywhere have full connection and support to be with their own family unless deceased and even then, all measures should be taken to keep children with their family of origin to maintain autonomy and flow.
If not? Then everyone should be adopted away. That's fair. Sounds crazy when I say it, but not when you did it to me?

Let's look at what needs changing. For change is upon us. Those with their heads in the sand will be left behind. Because they did not update themselves and that's just not good enough.

If we come to glorify God. What glory is in hiding children made without licensing? What glory is in removing gifts sent by a loving God to the woman who carries them? What glory is their i. The life of a child who come home to a family that has been misinformed about who she is? Or not informed at all about her existences?

Thanks for having the courage to dive deep with me today.

God bless.

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