Boy that video I posted the other day got me hot!

I mean don't get me wrong, I don't hate anyone. But the systemic ignorance of people wanting to adopt is pandemic. Ok. Who adopts a child and then gives it back and then goes on Ted to talk about it? Well. At least she is trying to be honest.
But look at the facts.
She tanked trying to take some Mamas place. She probably is not that great with the ones she kept.
She is trying to tell herself she is doing a good thing to adopt these kids.
But she's got issues. Grandiose issues. And she a bit off In The head to think, like people do that kids can be jerked around in the name of progress. Like the boy she gave back cuz he wanted to go home and she could not even help him could she?
No she could not. Why? Because she wants To have a child and can't have one of her own and is using other people's kids to play out her little story. That my friends is demented. And that's Adoption. We get thrown into this psychosis of a plan and you all expect us to make sense? Oh my. We are a bit off now aren't we?
It's the ideas inside folks heads that gets us here. Here where I post about my life and how my Mama and me are all messed up. She thinks I need to get back in line. She can't see I've been out of line since the day she left. I've been trying to make folks see for years. They did not want to see my need. They wanted to be needed by me. To fulfill them. Ok. I did that. Now. I want my Mama. Ok? That's how I feel.
I did my bit. I jumped through the hoops. Ok? I've done the best I could considering. Now. I want my Mama back. Ok?
But apparently. People say. I can't have her back. And even she says that to me. It hurts like hell. But I will go down In History for loving my Mama anyway. For standing up and telling everyone.
You know what They say," you only get one."

Thanks for diving deep with me today.

God bless you.

If you've come here, your looking for something. I hope you find what you need. Xo.

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