What bullshit…. I am not buying a thing she says. She tanked…No more excuses!

Like wow! I could hardly get through the video. Wow. So grandiose, so self righteous in her blaming the foster care system for (Her a son she gave away as well) abuse she has slapped on that child for not making a way for him to be with a sane Mama, who’s educated and who is supported to raise him. How dare she.

Yeah, harsh words. My truth about it. I see what that blind woman will not see, unless she sees that children need their Mamas, they are fucked up the day Mamas gone. OK? She adopted him and locked him up, she gave him back, and threw away the key. Like seriously woman, you flatter yourself.  You failed him too, you and your grand ideas. And your other kids watched in horror, but they won’t tell you, until they are safe and grown.

But I will tell you now, you missed the mark dear lady. You’re way off, cuz honey, you don’t know it all. And its not about abuse in foster care and this or that, it about Mama, and where the hell is she? And what is this place that allows these things to go on so long? Lining the pockets of ignorant greedy men and woman who are daft about genetics and biology. You aided it. You helped the movement that separated Mamas from child and creates separation anxiety in the children treated that way.

Our lives matter. We are not dolls to be tossed around to whom ever wants to play with us! We are humans who have a purpose. Mine is to educate people like you. This woman needs help, she is psychotic, and delusional in her thinking she has made a difference for the betterment of this child at all? Ted talk about a dead beat A Mama who tanked at doing what we all should be able to see. The research is out there. But folks have their heads in their own sand boxes saying this and that about this and that, and not really knowing at all what they do. To us. The children.

I do not hate this woman. But her words are foul smelling and make me want to be sick. She is daft. Off her rocker to think this has done anything other than fuel my case, about Adoption.

We better find higher ground if we wish to preserve the sanctity of the family unit. God knows what God is doing when God sends children to woman, what we do to help those woman, is on us..


God bless

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