Watch this and weep.

My family needs this education so we all can make it. Look at our Mama. All blocked up. Inside. Where she's been for 54 years. Don't even tell me I don't matter in the scheme of her life! I am part of her life. And I will not be overlooked.

  1. Watch and learn. Maybe them we all can make Mama proud.
  2. Our Mama deserves a family united by adoption. And not superstars by adoption.
  3. Look at us. Not just me who's in the street talking about it. Look at yourselves. That's really all you can change.
  4. I am here for you. I will not agree with you always.
  5. Disagreements are the cornerstone of progress.
  6. Let's hammer this out.
  7. And make Mama proud.

Cuz like this? We surely can do better.

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