Sending it on the wire

Mama was right and Mama was wrong.
Adoptions a way. Yes. Is it the best way? That remains to be seen.

As I've watched the fall out from the bomb of the truth I lived, in the minds of those I wish most to connect too, I have been riveted by how people I have so much faith in struggle from the blow I myself felt so long ago.

I'm sending it on the wire. From what my Mama knew back in the day, Mama was right. Her choices were limited by the societal parameters of the time I came along. She was kind of fucked. Please excuse my language. But that word describes it best. And she, well all woman, in fact holding the bag, that. Ow has a child that was not legitimized properly with a license to do so.

My Mama and I were branded with a brand of illegitimate and perverse. But that was not the real truth. No. it was never that truth. But that's what she and many others of her era were up against back in the day.

Most likely. My Mama experienced that kind of shame driven nonsense that got all us kids removed from our Mamas care back in the day. And most likely my Mama has carried the scar of what that did to her back in the day, for my entire life. Most likely indeed.

And I have come to expose such nonsense, that was the societal standard back In The day for what is is and what is was, a lie. A lie straight from the hell we placed woman in when we set such a stupid stars in the first place.

It is nonsense to even think that to adopt a child is a better way than to educate, counsel, nurture, all woman children to embrace their god given ability to create life. My life matters. And my Mama have done a lot to make sure I had my best chance.

And it takes a lot of guts to take on a societal idea like this one and expose the effects it has on the woman and children and family involved in such a mixed up, out of wake, out of date, dumb, idea like adoption.

Woman. You came her to be woman! You have equipment that is to create life with your DNA and another's. It is supposed to happen. And men and woman need to work together on this for the best of the child. Because children teach us humanity. They force us to evolve and grow and learn and to be better. Is t that one of the biggest point of life here on earth? Evolution of the entire species?

Well I am a human. And Ive experienced being adopted. And there are many, things that need to change. Children need their families for the well being of both, family and child. And rejecting, or having to relinquish someone who clearly was placed in your lap, is ludicrous.

My opinion, from years of trying to figure out something few want to honestly talk about. It's second best and hence is flawed. And is tearing young lives up each day. It's confusing them. It's wounding them and I do not believe that the Mama's of these children were told about that affect. No indeed. But they know it and have felt it's whiplash from the day of separation.

I know you don't want to hear it. But you need to hear it if you want all of the story you need to hear mine and my brother and sisters in this nation called adopted.

It's time. I'm sending out on the wire.

God bless.

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