I out lived this woman

And not a day goes by that I don't think about her and her daughters as I scroll down Facebook. Her pain so able to be visible. And mine so trapped. I want to show this post. And she has granted me permission to show.

We all miss our Mamas. Even us who go adopted and given Another Mama. We. Love our Mamas too. And we miss them too. You just can't see it. Cuz your not looking for it. Everyone thinks Adoptions so great. Problem solved.

But not on my watch. Nope. Not ok with me. I've had to wait for years to say it. But nope. I still love my Mama and want her in my life forever, or for as long as she and I have here. Not backing down on that. Let it go down in internet history. Belinda. Wants her Mama back. I've been patient long enough.

Thanks babe for having my back. She said it all didn't she?

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