My love is rare

If I love you I give my all
If I love you I bare all
And stand naked for you to see
All of me
I do not hide my scars
To make others feel comfort where the scars show there has been discomfort
I am a warrior
For a cause most dear
I came to love two woman first
To win there hearts first
To win there trust and to be loyal to
This has been my task
I am proud to be a woman now of two woman's efforts.
There are many I owe gratitude too
But I speak of these two now.
They are at the core of who I am today
I am finding my way.
As best I can
You can see some of my challenges
It's intense to look at
I cringe at times
There is so much to say, so much to do, so much time has passed
I k ow my heart wants better for us all
When, lord, will they see? Hear? And respond?
We must do better.
I wish too
My love is here
Beyond what's in the way
Just reach for it
This kind of love is rare.

Good night.

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