Time is eating away are you just gonna sit there and bleed?

Skin that smoke wagon. Speak the truth your afraid of and it's power is broken. No turning back now. They can just swim in the wake of the tidal wave of your truth, like we did to theirs.

Rise. Speak the truth you hold like a card in your hand and win. Your hands pretty good if you speak it from an honest place. Believe.

You came here for this reason if you see a better way. And together we can bring the change that will sooth our wounds from a world that would dare to deem us unworthy, or our Mama's judged as unworthy to be the Mama's we need. Let us fix this for those Mama's who were taken advantage of and stirred in this direction. Dead end folks.

Kids come Home
so why take them away at all?

This stops with me. Who's with me? Reform is ours if we faint not. We are many strong. Let's unite.

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