If I imagined

Homecoming would be like a party. My Mama would have been elated I had contacted her and would have told my sisters who knew about me and were excited to finally meet me?

If I imagined my home coming my current situation would not be what I imagined. Nope. I guess I would imagine that my Mama would give me a party with pink everything. And a cake. With all my family there. Ready. Arms open and hearts too.

They would be tender and willing to listen to me. And I would too. We would talk deep subjects and would maybe cry some, and hug.

We would
Mourn the loss of time together and maybe have a ceremony to bring this new in. We would stay up all Night talking about everything. And we would laugh and compare toes and hair. And get to know each other like sisters and cousins do. We would let go of what we think and just go at it. We would be by now. If we did what I imagined, acting like family.

Crazy. Upside down. And filled with loving intentions. We are all off track. Let's get it together while we still can. No regrets.

Mama Jean does not want to meet you. And I think it's sad. She's missed the whole
Point. Help me
Show her. You owe me my
Birth right please.

I e been waiting as patiently as I could. Please. Step aside and allow me to
Be who I have always been? Ok? My Mama's third daughter. Adopted but not dead.

She's always been my Mama guys. You've just been using my spot. I'll take that please. Thanks for keeping it warm.

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