Go on. Leave me in the street saying your name.

Pretty soon someone's gonna come ask you to come talk. Who do you want it to be? Larry king, Oprah, or Jerry springer? Or me?

Like I am not gonna go away. I am home to stay and you are acting like a luni over there blocking me Mama. Hello. Knock knock. Who's there? Fate. Answer the damn door silly. What are you so scared of? Love? Strong love that's last 54 years without ya?

In all seriousness. You crack me up. You really are the cutest Mama. When your all upset and ruffled feathers and all. I know. I'm rough as a cob. But I had to be to make it back to you.

All the things folks said to trip me up and knock me down made me rough. I took a verbal beating standing up for you. Sweeew. People can be mean. There are some nice ones. Yes.

I know I am not what you expected. But what did you expect from your baby all grown without you? Mama. Wake up. I'm home and I am not going anywhere. Not till I get called
Home. My time is set. Yours too. Let's do this.

I believe in you. Just little old 5 foot you. Ok? I came back to show you something. I know I am all beat up and kind of boy like. But that's the thing that protected me and keep me as safe as I could. Learning what men do. And it works. I'd like to be girly. But girly girls get abused. So here I am in all my torn up glory.

One more time Mama. You can choose. Will ya choose me?

Now? That I braved your relations and told you my truth from my experience even though you really did not want to know?

I've chosen you. Even though your angry and turned around and being told god know what by my siblings. I love you. How can anyone that loves you enough to shout it from the internet to China, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, and the list goes on. I am a lighthouse for those that want to go home too. Like this. All the way.

And I am gonna talk till the cows come
Home about it. Till your in my arms, just like you are in my heart, all the way. I want to spears time with YOU and anyone else that wants too.

Our unit is not running smoothly because we need to factor each other in and do the math. I am within your unit and have always been. But now face to face. Really. What have we got to loose? But each other and what could be and time. Precious time has lapsed for us as I circled you trying to
Figure out your truth. Now I am storming the gates of your heart, let me out. I am in there but I have changed since you made me up like you did in your mind. And we need to get to know one another.

Why don't you want to know me? Know yourself? I am a wild piece of you that grew up without your physical influence and yet, I sound like you? All like you? And have many mannerisms like you. Believe me. When you've never seen your Mama and you do? It's like bam!! Heat seeking missile of a recognition. And many of the questions get answered as we peer into the eyes of the one we came from. It's magic. It's home to the mind body and soul.

It's shocking and surprising and riveting. So much you've wondered. How do you start? You just start and keep going until it's done. Cuz it is worth it.

I have many angela that I have seen. And this is spiritual
Warfare. War on the mind that is stuck thinking a way that is no more. I speak of this new way as I say goodbye to
Our Olnd way. Join me on this quest willingly or sit by and watch the show as I come out.

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