Dear Lord, it’s me again.

Dear Lord.

It's me again. I know. Thanks for listening. I just don't know what to do? Why did you send me to a woman that would not want me? Why did she give me away? And why have I struggled with that decision for my whole

  1. Lord? She loves you? But she can't love me? Why? Why do some Mama's not want the children you send to them?
  2. Lord? Why did you make a mistake in where you sent me? Why did you send me to her first? What's the point of that? You are the alpha and omega? The beginning and the end. What gives lord?
  3. Lord? I'm tired of living this way. Can you help me? Or can you take this Burden away?

I want your yoke. Cuz your burden is light. I'm tired. Ive told my truth. And I've worked to Do good. And I've Tried to not be weary of my well doing and am waiting to reap. But maybe I won't reap here. I miss you too. Being with you and knowing I am loved by you does make it better.
Lord? I give my Mama to you. She's broken and she doesn't get me? Not sure why you brought me her for this? I'm trying to Find all the silver I can in this shit pile?
Kind of strange. We throw Shit on the garden and it grows. And when you tell your shit, you get blocked. My shit is hot like manure. I'm trying to tone it down. But again. I'm tired and nothing works with my Mama. She can't see me. Can you help me? Get over my Mama? Please.

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