Truth silences the lie and leaves them standing with their mouth wide open.

Anyone wonder why she doesn't fight back? My Mama?

Truth. That's why.

She can't fight the truth. She can't fight my truth.

  • But somewhere down deep inside my Mama.
  • She knows I'm breaking rank.
  • And starting my own army of Adoptees that speak the truth cuz our mama's can't.
  • We were to young to fight for our Mama's back then.
  • But I am grown now.
  • Ain't no one gonna tell my Mama but me. Her girl.
  • I am the champion here.
  • For I ride for the cause of truth in a world of lies and made up stories that try to hide the shame my Mama Should have never felt. Never

Adoptions like a black widow. It stings you and then leaves you paralyzed and no way to speak. But God healed me and gave me my tongue back so I can weld my sword and cut these weeds down. Taking babies from woman and making them feel they have no other way out is cruel and ignorant.

Adoptions sting hurts. And it makes us. Off kilter and I had to work for years to find equilibrium. And at 50 I decided to go down the path no one really talks about.

I told my truth, how could my Mama see me for the trees? Adoption has brainwashed her. She babbles that I am not her child?

Adoption makes fools of us all. Look at it!!! Fools out of
Our Mama's that trusted a system and not
God who
Sent the baby in the first place. Fear is Adoptions best friend. Shame is the ring leader.

May I remind us all that God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

So. Who got ahold of my Mama? Yep. They do. Fear and shame and guilt who is
Shames brother have my Mama Hog tied. She's brainwashed and she
Brainwashed my sister to. Oh Adoption lies. Your
No match for God. And you don't have a leg to stand on, your done. My truth trumps your lies. My experience is the myth buster here.

I will untie what binds my Mama and me. And we will be free. We already are. But the truth is what bust the chains of lies spoken by ignorant people who did not know shit about how I would feel. You don't know shit about me Adoption! Damn you.

And now. My Mama don't know shit about me. And I am hanging on a prayer here. Wake my Mama up Lord. Show her. Show her the truth I speak of. Give her strength to stand up and face it. Help her to accept my truth. And help the cells that are mine in her brain to show her through her heart and not her head.

By the power of Jesus I ask that you bind those thought that keep us apart. I ask Lord for you to cut everyone of them down. I ask that you shine the light of truth in those dark corners where the lies about me
Hang out. I ask that you silence those who are telling my Mama to
Block her own daughter. I ask that you deal with those who lead her to put asunder what God
Joined together. Again. Lord. I ask that your ministering and wAring angela will do Battle for us. Please tear down the walls of ignorance between us so we
Can see each other through a Clear lens without Adoptions overlay on top of us. I am tired of the blanket of lies hiding my truth. Lord. I ask that you minister to my Mama and show her the way home to me. I've used my sword of truth like your words says, I ask that the Holy Spirit will turn her around. Amen.

My truth is sharp. My life has honed it to a
Sharp edge. And when spoken it cuts away at a cancerous option that is tearing the fabric of our planet apart. If adoptions so great. Why are we not all adopted. Why are only a
Select few taken away? We all should have to be shipped out to strangers. That would
Be fair. How are
Folks gonna learn about Adoption?

How Will they gain what I have gained from living this way if they don't have to live this way too?


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