What is pain to some who is in pain already?

Black widow bite. So what I feel. Who cares. My Mama doesn't. It is strange. Feeling hopeless like this.

With my Mama like this? Who cares. I am frustrated. And exhausted. And the bit is just annoying me. It reminds me of the pain I feel all day long, for years.

This spider bite reminds me of a pain Ive been trying to ignore since I was relinquished. But it's there. Throbbing all day long, and for my whole

And it took me so long to figure that out. That I just didn't like it. Living without her like this. Feeling like a puppet. And Adoption had the strings.

And I don't like it the way it is. My Mama and I fighting. And her blocking me like this is not helping. And it looks like there is no way for us?

Ive heard preacher preach about God finding away that seems not to be a way. Lord. Make a way for me and my Mama's and my siblings to be what we are.

Help my Mama Linda to have the strength to face my addendum to her original agreement with my Mama Jean and the state.

I am of age now. And able to ask for what I need.
Lord. Make a way. Amen.

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