Blog Battle – Adoption

Yeah, this is what you get. Folks trying, and a messed up person. Lovely

The Bag Lady

He had been shifted around a bit. It wasn’t his actual fault, possibly his original parents fault? No one will ever truly know the real cause of this boy’s problems. He was “given away” when less than one year of age.

A family of perhaps well-doers decided to take the boy for their own, as they had previously decided with a few other children. Their original intention may have been under a certain fantasy that their home was a more desirable choice than a future without relatives. This might be one of the reasons for the boy’s current behavior, the lack of true love for an unwanted child.

These “parents” took in different lonely children in their time, had family portraits decorating their home, showing how large and supposedly adoring they were. Mementos all to be seen by the surrounding friends and neighborhood as the perfect family. Children came and…

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