A prescription for change: Why it’s time adoption laws reflected reality

This is one of the reasons why my heritage is so important.

Pushing on a Rope

For the first time in recent months, I was able to go to the doctor and provide family medical history to the physician rather than scrawl “adopted, no family history” across the page. If you’re not adopted, you may not understand how important this is, not only as it relates to my medical care, but in terms of understanding who I am.

And if you are adopted and have found your family information, you know what a watershed that moment was for me, how it represented validation and made me feel less “other” in the face of a system that keeps details about my birth and family history sealed even though I have found my natural relatives.

You can likely relate, too, to how I’m feeling about my colonoscopy this week. You see, I learned last year, when I finally met my birth father, that he survived Stage 4 colon cancer…

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