There’s a reason I came clean about Adoptions sting. 

And it not really about my Mama’s, it’s about Adoption and what Adoptions rules did to me. The child. Adoption is a way. Not a person who needs defending. Adoption is mans way of making something that’s right already into something that’s wrong, shameful, and looked down upon. Adoption turned me into a monster to my Mama. And Pregnancy that is the results of spontaneous love, and a sexual act without a proper lincense is still got stigma if our Mama’s don’t think we are a blessing? 

Adoptions has taken my life and made it complicated and filled with people that if I was kept would Not be here. Adoption agrees with Mama’s that don’t want what they made becasue society is hard on them for being bold and procreating. 

Look at kids today. We still have not taken sex out of the closet. Parents get angry when a girl comes home and report that a child is on the way. And then force the girl, now a Mother with a child growing within to relinquish her gift. Adoption and abortion cause trauma. I’ve seen it first hand. The after affects are a riveting cacophony of shock, dismay, painful flashbacks, grief, and a shut down of the heart of the girl who was lead astray. 

Adoption cuts children off from the one they came from and the world can’t seem to see the affects becasue we hold the feedback within for fear of rejections sting again. Adoption makes us dumb in the sense of not speaking about the sucker punch that hit us the day we were removed from our Mothers sphere. 

Adoption is a narsasitc bedfellow. Adoption makes Mamas into zombies. Adoption makes children into a curse to the one we are sent to that must be removed and placed somewhere else, with someone else, to grow up without our families, alone and yet with people. Adoption isolates children from what matter most to them, their families, their Mama’s. 

Adoption is a GMO seed that grows plastic people who grow up living lives filled with half truths and dead end stories. Adoption is the plastic Mother provider. Please. If my words trigger you. I mean no personal harm to those who show up for their shot to be parents with my now torn apart life. I appreciate that you showed up. But Adoption is not the ideal way. 

It will take work to go the way I speak of. For it means educating the masses. It will take us really looking at the affects of Adoption on the child who’s Mama has been either lied to, forced to, or has simpletruths lost her mind and can’t face the world that would ridicule her for creating a child without a husband. 

People. Moms are important. I don’t wish to rid myself of either Mothet in my life. This is a mess I clean up in front of you, so you can really see inside an Adoptees life and experience by reading my struggle to bridge the gap Adoption has made in my life. I want you all to see my process of coming home with my Mama’s in toe. 

Becasue it’s time I lead them to our promised land. A land where we accept what has happened and we honesty speak of our experiences. A land where we embrace on another at last as the family Adoption created for us. Two Mama’s now. One child between them. And that child beds them both now. 

Like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz. I have made it to Oz’s place (Mama) and I looked behind the curtain God lead me too. And I prayed. And the curtain was pulled back for me. And my Mama revealed behind the cloth wall. She’s been pulling strings and pushing buttons. Well. The jig is up. Oz was Dorothys dream. But mine is walking hand and hand down the yellow Brick road arm and arm with my Mama’s and my sisters and brothers and cousins. 

Adoption. Stop lying to the children and the parents. Stop taking what’s ours. Stop sealing our files, Adoption. Adoption, stop tearing our hearts out and holding our Mama’s captive with grief and shame. Stop dangling them in front of us and yet consealing them. Adoption release my Mama from your bloody hands that hold her with the lies you told her. Adoption. Stop. Stop ripping my life up again and again. Adoption stop whispering in young ears and telling young girls that reliquishment is love. No more! 

Adoption, back off. Adoption you need reform. And rehab for what you have done to all of us called Adopted. You are not a good Nurse Mother. Ok? You’re not. Not like this. No. Adoption, your abuse must stop. You are a mean task master to those you profess to serve. Wake up Adoption! I am calling you out. Change is upon us. 

Thank you for diving deep with me today. 

If I upset you? Well then I’ve done a good days work. Change means to upset what is to create what needs to be. 

God bless. 

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