I’ve waited a long time to profess my love openly to the woman I was made from

And to understand why my fire is still hot? Is to know Mama Jean. She fueled my love for my Mama, by showing me her loving me, a piece of her. Mama Jean knit is back together with her love. 

It was hard. I was so confused growing up. But she loved me anyway. Knowing one day I would see. And I do. I see how a stranger took me in, site unseen, did t even meet my Mama, she said yes. And my Mama needs a friend like that in her life. For sure. We all do. And my kids are so blessed to have these strong woman who made it through the sixties. 

I am grateful. But life

Should not have to be so hard for kids to live. And Mama’s should tell their children the truth. I’ve heard some crazy truths out in the world about adoption. People saying my Mama didn’t love me. She didn’t care. Poppicock!! I will on believe that in this madness called adoption there is redemption. That a coming together as a whole unit is a worthy act of this family we are. Knit back together. I was given to another tribe. And now that tribe is part of my original tribe. This woman must be honored by my tribe. For her sacrifices and loving faithfulness by the woman who made me. Must. Happen. 

As my Mama’s daughter. I demand it. As my birth right. My family must rise and bless her. We must make hast. No words unsaid. Nothing left loose. No regrets Mama. None. 

My Mama’s are some cool woman who did this for me. The old is gone. The new story is here. Two woman came together to help me. They never met and are best friends. 

What do you say? I think they need to meet. And embrace. As the friends they are. Who does such a thing? Raises a child from another as her own and teaches her to never forget the one she was made from? I’ll tell you who? Mama Jean. Yep. 

That woman taught me how to go home. And knew she would loose nothing and gain the friend she made so long ago and never met. What greater gift can this woman give? 

Mama Jean gave me so much love. How could I not come Home to share it with my family? Chelsie lynn got that love she shares with her Nana too. 

Our family is blessed to have Mama Jean. And we must honor her. And my Mamas must meet. It’s the next step. It’s the right step. 

Thank you for any comments. 

God bless.  

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