I guess one thing I was looking for was my sisters to help me. 

And in my case, that just is not what my sisters do for each other? Or I guess they have been brain washed as well and see me as a strange stranger. Sad is so. That really does not make me happy to see if so. I guess I am xoected note froM family. And have learned, that that’s not what you get from family, or at least mine. 

But if I’m such a mess? Why the hell would they leave me over here like this? And why would they not help me? I’m over here. Yes out of their site. And yet we are related and they do not desire to know the one sister that did not get to stay?? Strange. 

I would love to know what it was like to stay? Good bad indifferent. I mean we all got shot we got through with each other. As blood sisters we should be able to unite and get connected for our Mama. To show what we are made of. Linda Marie don’t just give up. No way. She’s strong and she expects us to do this. She should not have to lead us by our noses to each other. Your circus and your monkeys. 

Let’s get out monkey together and make a good circus for Mama to watch. She loves reality tv. 

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